Magic: The Gathering Arena Launches This Month

Magic: The Gathering Arena, the latest digital interpretation of Wizards’ popular card game, exits beta and officially launches on September 26.The launch will coincide with the release of the latest card set, Throne of Eldraine, in which Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Arthurian legends come together. The cards will be available in Magic: The Gathering Arena at launch, but those playing the beta are able to access the cards right now thanks to a preview.

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The Eldraine Courtside Brawl is now live, and allows 1v1 format games to be played until September 9. This allows players to play and earn cards from the Throne of Eldraine set ahead of time. The Brawl also introduces a new format, in which players can bring one Legendary creature or Planeswalker along with 59 Standard cards to the battle.

Those who play during the remaining time of the beta phase will unlock a Fblthp avatar and card back for use in the game when it officially launches on September 26. The launch will also add new thematic battlefields styled around the world of Eldraine.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is free to play on PC. Check out four new cards from the Throne of Eldraine set if all this has sparked your interest.

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