Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – How to Use Every Weapon's New Attack

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Each weapon in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne received upgrades and brand new moves with the expansion. This is in addition to the new tool, the Clutch Claw! Watch the video below for a concise montage of how to do every new weapon attack, or continue below for more detailed instructions for each weapon.

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Note: All commands are listed as PS4 controls, for Xbox use the cheat sheet below.

PS4 Button Xbox One Button
Square X
Triangle Y
Circle B

All weapons with the ability to aim now also get the ability to aim switch between their normal reticle and the slinger with the weapon drawn. Simply press L2 and R3 to switch these aiming modes.

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In addition to this the Bow also gets the added move Thousand Dragons. This is a devastating short-range shot that uses all of your slinger ammo. Note that you can still use this attack without slinger ammo but it will do far less damage. To perform this attack hold L2 and click in R3, then Hold L2, Triangle and Circle simultaneously.

Encouraging Charge Blade users to use the axe form more often, the Savage Axe Slash is added to the Charge Blades already extensive technical maneuvers.

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To perform the Savage Axe Slash, when using an Amped Element Discharge or Super Amped Element Discharge, hold down L2. This will perform an upward slash that changes your Axe into a spinning wheel of death known as power axe mode. Each consecutive swing while in this state will use stored phials.

Dual blades get two useful additions to the move set. Firstly is the Claw combo. Enter demon mode using R2 and use Circle 3 times, ending with L2.

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This will hit the monster with your clutch claw letting you grapple onto it from the combo. From here you also have a Spinning Rising Slash using Triangle or the other clutch claw attacks as usual.

In addition to this, Dual Blades also gets an additional evade maneuver called Evade Shot. Attack with Triangle and then press L2.

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You’ll evade to whatever direction you indicate with your left stick, firing a shot at the monster in the process. Keep in mind that this does require slinger ammo.

The Greatswords new addition is an add on to its Charged Slash attack. Charge up to a True Charged Slash, and should that hit be on a soft part of the monster’s hide, the second hit will change into a more powerful True Charged Slash. This can be a great combo once a teammate weakens an area of a monster with the Clutch Claw.

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In addition to this, Greatsword also receives Slinger Burst, where after attacking with triangle, you can press L2 to fire a powerful slinger shot that can stun monsters for an opening. You can also then immediately press triangle again to combo into a True Charged Slash.

Hold L1, then press Triangle/Y + Circle/B to load the Wyrmstake Blast. This requires slinger ammo.

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You can then use the Wyrmstake Cannon Combo to make the shot and lodge the Wyrmstake Blast Stake into the monster’s body for a while, then hit the Wyrmstake with shelling to detonate it for extra damage.

With the Hammer, you have two new moves in your arsenal with Iceborne. The first is comboing your charge attack into a Claw Shot. Charge an attack with R2, right after you unleash the charge attack, you can fire your claw with L2, a nice way to stop the charge while keeping the flow of battle. The claw attack changes on the level of charge.

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The second added addition is the Slinger Burst, a powerful slinger shot used while charging that makes monsters flinch more. While charging with R2, before unleashing the attack, tap L2 to fire a Slinger Burst.

Like the Insect Glaive the Heavy Bowgun can also switch between its standard reticle and the aiming of the slinger with the weapon drawn. Simply hold L2 and press R3 to change up the aiming.

Holding L2, Triangle and Circle Simultaneously attaches a special scope to your weapon – if the mod is equipped.

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When hitting a target from a specific range while using this scope, a super critical blast will be initiated. You’ll know by the bright orange reticle. ‘

The new addition to the hunting horn is the Echo Attack. Pressing L2 after an attack performs an Echo Attack.

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The Echo Attack will leave an Echo Mark on the Music Staff. Sometimes performing a melody with the Echo Mark will leave an Echo Bubble, which applies effects on contact.

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There are a few new additions to the Insect Glaive. Firstly is the ability to switch between aiming the marker of your kinsect and the aiming reticle of your slinger. You can do this by holding L2 and pressing R3 down.

Secondly, the weapon gets some new mid air attacks. While in air, pressing R2 will initiate a Descending Thrust, while L2 will initiate a Mid-Air Claw Attack.

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You can also Charge Your Kinsect with Slinger Ammo.

Hold L2 + Triangle/Y + Circle/B.

Power Charge requires slinger ammo dropped by a monster. This Increases Kinsect attack, and decreases the interval when Kinsect Powder is released.

Spirit Charge requires slinger ammo found in the field. This increases the Kinsect’s max stamina and the duration of the hybrid effect for combining three colors (excluding green).

The Lance receives a new Guard Shot technique as well as a Claw Counter Stance.

To perform the Guard Shot, Hold L2 to go into guard stance and then hold R2 to fire a Slinger Burst at the monster.

This Slinger Burst will be a more powerful version of the standard slinger shot that’s more likely to make monsters flinch.

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Holding L2 and Circle will perform the claw counter stance.

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This consumes stamina, but lets you cling onto a large monster with your clutch claw should it hit you. You can also combo into this from a guard shot or counter thrust.

Like the other weapons that aim Light Bowgun also gets an aim switch to make it easy to use clutch claw, but it also gets a few new moves depending on which mods you’re using.

With the Evading Reload Mod Attached, shoot, then dodge twice immediately to load while evading.

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With the Wyvernblast Type 2 mod attached, Wyvernblast is replaced with a forward firing mine that counters with a large explosion when attacked by a monster.

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The Longsword gets some very cool attacks it can easily combo into from many of its other attacks. After attacking you can use R2 and X to go into a Special Sheathe that can be followed up with the following:

Special Sheathe: Attack, then R2 + X/A


Iai Slash: Triangle/Y after Special Sheathe

Use the Iai slash to gradually increase your Spirit Guage. If you land the hit just as the monster attacks, you won’t flinch and the gauge will continue to fill up for a longer time.

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Iai Spirit Slash: R2 after Special Sheathe

Iai Spirit Slash costs one Spirit Gauge Level but deals massive damage. Use R2 to initiate it. If you land the hit as the monster attacks on this, you won’t flinch, and your Spirit Gauge will not decrease.

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The Switch Axe‘s new addition is Power Axe Mode. Mash circle while in axe mode to perform some wild swings. After doing so press triangle to go into Power Axe mode, which increases your damage output while in axe mode.

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Like the hammer, the switch axe also gets a new Slinger Burst attack. Press L2 after certain attacks in axe mode to initiate a powerful version of the slinger shot that is more likely to make monsters flinch. Keep in mind that of course you need Slinger ammo.

Sword and Shield gets several new additions to its moveset. The first is the Switch Slinger Burst Aim similar to other aim switches for the other weapons with L2 and R3.

Claw Evade Attack: With weapon unsheathed, evade into a monster and press L2

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Perfect Rush: Backstep, Triangle/y (Immediate), Triangle/Y, Triangle/Y, Triangle/Y

Backstep by pressing Circle/B after dodging forward, or hold back on the stick and press Circle/B. Then, immediately press Triangle/Y to start Perfect Rush.

Time the next three Triangle/Y presses when your hunter glows red. The controller will also vibrate when the time is right.

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